I have had the great pleasure and honour of working with so many wonderful models over the years. These are their full portfolios which means there is a lot of photographs here but I encourage you to look through and see their full efforts. Although I have a particular way of shooting and it is I who control the setting, lighting and composition, it is true to say every model brings to every shoot their own style and technique. Some (many in fact!) of these models were doing their very first photoshoot with a professional photographer. Others are seasoned and well travelled professionals who have worked with far more talented photographers than I could ever hope to become. To every model I offer my heartfelt thanks for your enduring patience and for giving me the opportunity to capture your beauty, strength, style and class. It was indeed a privilege.




Ella Rose

Working with Models


My Guiding Philosophy


"If a subject has a delicate surface to it, you do not want to go charging in there. You need to establish some kind of presence and understanding. I will say, 'Try to forget I'm here. I won't ask you to pose, I won't ask you to do anything.' It's important that I just be allowed to be around, to be present. Photographing people requires a willingness to be rejected. So, I think the best approach is to be honest and direct. Very often, I tell them, "You don't know me. There's no reason why you should trust me...the only thing I can promise is that I'll try to do the most honest work I can. Ultimately, it comes down to somehow being able to instil confidence. I don't think you can bullshit your way into that, because a lot of these people can see through walls. If you want to photograph people, you'd better know something about them. [Allard often credits "Serendipity" for the success of his pictures.] I like to explore, to be sensitive to the rhythms of the moment. Exploration means seeking out what I think is there, and yet often finding something finer, something closer to the center, that no amount of research could have led me to. I tend to react more than direct. You have to be receptive to your subject. You have to care. You can't do good work if you don't care. That's not necessarily a strength, but it gives you strength."


William Albert Allard [b. 1937] A second generation Swedish-American photographer

Michael Moore

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